Folk Ensemble of Songs
and Dances JISKRA

Soubor písní a tanců JISKRA
Folk Ensemble of Songs and Dances JISKRA
Volksensemble von Liedern und Tänzen JISKRA

Folk Ensemble of Songs and Dances JISKRA

The Ensemble of Songs and Dances JISKRA (“the spark”) was established in 1958. Since its foundation, it has been interpreting and performing folklore of the south-west Bohemia – its repertoire includes folk songs and dances from the neighbourhood of Pilsen, Žinkovy and from the Chodsko region. The folk music is based on the original string (“štrajchová”) and bag-pipe music, the arrangement of music and dances draws from ethnographic collections of the respective regions. The particular programmes are based on traditional manifestations of seasonal and family folk customs. The ensemble consists of three units – dancers, musicians and singers. During its existence, it has given hundreds of performances on both domestic and foreign stages and taken part in festivals in various countries of the world (in recent years, e. g., in Costa Rica or in Russia). The folk music unit of the ensemble co-operates with the Czech Radio Pilsen, the whole ensemble also presented itself repeatedly in the Czech Television. JISKRA is the main co-organizer of the International Folklore Festival CIOFF® Pilsen. 

The Ensemble of Songs and Dances JISKRA is an associated member of the Czech CIOFF® National Section and a certified holder of the non-material cultural heritage of the Pilsner Region.

Publishing activity

Až pojedu kolem Radyně
(When I go by Radyně) (CD 1999)
Vod Plzně písničky vezeme
(We bring the songs from Pilsen) (CD 2006)

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